Russian crazy driving.

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Russian crazy driving.

Postby Tor » 25 Jul 2015, 23:24
Thieves kidnapped a bag with money.
After this video he try found thieves and found police car and say about thieves and their car, soon thieves was caught in the police road post.
Moneys drop 5.27 but driver dont see this, later all moneys returned.
In bag 25k euro.

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Re: Russian crazy driving.

Postby JimQwilleran » 26 Jul 2015, 01:32

I don't know what to say, so I will post my favorite song, here:

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Sukin-kot (SVT)
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Re: Russian crazy driving.

Postby Sukin-kot (SVT) » 26 Jul 2015, 18:00

I wonder why new GTA is still not in Russia

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Hermann Göring
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Re: Russian crazy driving.

Postby Hermann Göring » 08 Oct 2015, 00:44

Grand Theft Auto: Otradnoe

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Re: Russian crazy driving.

Postby kwok » 08 Oct 2015, 18:31

too bad the money was caught. That would've been enough to pay for warhawks' new mouse.

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