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Watchdogs FOR FREE on uplay

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 05:04
by Kr0noZ
Hey guys,

I thought I'd share this with you in case somebody is interested:
For a limited time (I think, as of me writing this, just over a day left on the counter), anybody with a uplay-Account can grab the 1st installment of Watchdogs for free as part of a franchise-sale that Ubisoft is running to promote Watchdogs 2.
If you have an Account, just go into the client and get it - it's for free (I actually don't know yet if it's any good though, haven't even loooked at it yet but a flat 0,00€ on the pricetag is always a reason to pull the trigger xD)

Re: Watchdogs FOR FREE on uplay

Posted: 28 Dec 2017, 13:09
by Frost
ye i got the game ITS really good and definitely worth even to pay for it :D such a great offer

Re: Watchdogs FOR FREE on uplay

Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 15:07
by JordanC
Ubi has been giving away games left and right lately. This is the second time I've seen Watchdogs being given away. I've also seen Black Flag and a couple of other titles being given away last year. More power to Ubisoft!