Is this mod still realistic?

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Is this mod still realistic?

Postby nuts » 16 Nov 2019, 20:01

I haven't played coh in years and wanted to play it again, specifically this mod, but i stumbled upon this forum and saw that there are a lot of changes, that's why i wanted to know if this mod still has that realism like before or was it changed to balanced type of gameplay.

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Re: Is this mod still realistic?

Postby kwok » 17 Nov 2019, 00:40

It was never "realistic" and it still isn't "realistic". It punishes mistakes and rewards good tactics which makes it have a feeling of "realism" but I wouldn't go so far to call it "realistic".

The recent changes made to the game are balance in terms of doctrine structure for higher level pvp games, but the damage models are more or less still the same, if anything more punishing in some places compared to years ago.

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