Is Blitzkrieg Mod the best?+Realism+Missing Units+COH 2

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Is Blitzkrieg Mod the best?+Realism+Missing Units+COH 2

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The Blitzkrieg Mod, I believe, has been by far the best COH mod ever produced, the Afrika Korp Mod add-on being proof that the Blitzkrieg team have their blinkers on in giving COH fanatics what they want, that was until Ostheer and before that NHCOF combiner/ Eastern Front and BOB. In adding the real deal units "panzer III's" etc, you've put the real back into the game and its now as competitive as Panzer General-peoples general WW2 in being able to offer a unit pool which resembles the way most of us want it.

The War machine is not complete without all its pieces and the Wehrmacht is an example in total War which is missing pieces in COH 1 and 2.

COH has always suffered from a stock vanilla gene pool of units that were mass produced in reality and the most popular to somebody who wanted the game designed for a "Band of Brothers" style game. COH 2 while introducing a few new ideas has done little to address realism concerns and nobody at SEGA wants to listen to suggestions. Playing comp stomps that you want to play in 1941 or 1942 with real 1941 and 1942 units, for example.

Becker produced so many variations from the Hotchkiss plant in France that the Wehrmacht's representation in COH 2 isn't as honest as realism fans could like although a number of his designs feature in COH.

Mines, heavy artillery and more importantly "88" flak were the only way the Germans could stop KV 1 and KV 2 Soviet Heavy armour when they were first encountered in WW2, but as I have found, Doorknocker Pak 36's equipped with anti-tank shells can dent a KV-2 by up to 50% of its strength and leave us all wondering if people are eating their Wheaties when they are modding these tuning packs that are good but again limited to what the game comes with. At least with COH we all observed a whole heap of new models and weapons as the game evolved.

People like to play with funny units, flail tanks for example, so why? isn't there any platform available for the addition of new units i.e Panzer I and III and Flak 88 in the will of the people who are running COH 2?

Please feel free to leave your comments on what types of units we would all like to see from COH in COH 2 and whether someone should overhaul COH to add war spoils, XP and kill counts which are part of the COH 2 experience?

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