Vehicle flamethrower animation fx

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Vehicle flamethrower animation fx

Postby » 10 Dec 2014, 22:19

So guys,

Bk is cool and the best of the best but while i first don´t want to wait day by day for a BK 2 release and second don´t want to play vCOH2 with it´s Fuck Off tank damage system anymore i started some weeks ago with a little own project to give the german tanks more firepower.

So and now i have a little problem and want to ask if somebody could help me. The last days i build the Flammpanzer II Flamingo with two flamethrowers from KV-8 and based on the Luchs. Everything works fine without the flame shot animation itself. Ellwood said it won´t work without changing the "RGO".

So my question is quite simple. Do anyone know how to get this fucking flame fx animation to work?

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