Here you can talk about other mods for COH.
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Postby Jalis » 01 Apr 2015, 20:48

On an other post, I said I had been banned from Moddb. Like it could be off topic to correct this in the original one I do here.

Said I was banned is inexact/exageration, I even never recieve any warning. unfairness repaired.

To have experiment it I can only say, it s allowed for a guy that have a page at moddb to moderate it with Godpower. It could go up to automatic delete of your post. Roughly it s a coward ban, because you have not to justify it, send a warning or explaination ect...
Moddb seems just allows pages Creator total censure power. Why ? lack of moderator, something else, I dont know.

Like said, It made comments on mods unreliable.

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