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Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 15:57
by Panzerblitz1
Oh come on ;) nevermind.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 16:09
by Jalis
I sometime think you are perhaps a bit blinded by the role you want I play.
My first reaction about Afrika, was to say nothing at all, and let it at stage it was, or I presumed it was. But it would have been a here an hostile/pervert reaction (I admit, that first I didn't though I could have a problem on my computer). I still ask myself why I did something that can be only a benefit for afrika mod. You seems loose that still unfinished implied a finished game in my mind means obligation to change the rate. Nobody seems to ask why I tried to understand the problem and why I asked question about it.

Like you say nevermind, I still hope have the answer to this problem.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 16:26
by Panzerblitz1
I will not go that way talking about the role you need to play, i don't care, im trying to be neutral here, like i said i also tested it of course with Jff1, among hundred of players, and it work perfectly, so if your single case a.i. problem means that it must be the general statement point of view for all, then yes nevermind, can't say much about that, in the video you clearly see all a.i. abilities being used, a.i. air strikes, a.i. repair vehicles fixing tanks near the enemy HQ (i never saw that anywhere yet), you also have off map call in units, units created by dozens working together, take a good look of the amount of units in game, there is no lag either, telling me you can see both side is just another poor excuse, sorry, you can see clearly what is the other side is doing, and creating, but it seems that your case must rule, and what you're doing is unfair, i know some hard work has been made to achieve that amount of a.i. level of gameplay, so yes, nevermind, its not working for you, then too bad, im not defending anything here, i just know that this mod is 100% finished & 100% working, and the mod on your pc got a broken a.i.... maybe do a clean up, i know you are modding and "maybe" just "maybe" some of your game/mod/maps original files are corrupted or even missing, i just found weird that its working well for others, but not with you, don't you think so?

The general purpose of a coh mod is to have some good fun with your mates or alone, nothing more, its not a very big deal anyway, its just a game ;)

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 17:11
by Tiger1996
So, I just made the test you asked me to do via PM. I selected a 3vs3 map and I put 2 CW hard A.i and 2 Axis hard A.i and I stayed as Axis but did nothing and just watched them fighting each other... Everything went perfectly fine, they kept fighting for about an hour. Axis were crushed early game, but gradually they were able to turn the tide to their own favor as they had victory at the end!
Then, I restarted again but I went to the Allied side on the other hand just as a spectator as well, and once again with 2 hard CPU for both sides.. and this time CW were the winners! There were absolutely no problems whatsoever. Though, I can't share you the replay files of those games.. because I did this on the new revised Afrika maps which jff1 has handed to me, and you don't have them. Since they are not officially released yet.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 30 Jul 2017, 05:04
by Jalis
Like said If prb come from me I will modify rating and comment. Your replay file interest me Tiger. If it come from me I would be curious to know the reason. Point if you fail to install a mod correctly you usually cant launch it. Possibly it quickly crash.
I dont say my case must rule. Fact I could have jump to conclusion too hastly is not excluded, even I would not like to be wrong.

Panzerblitz. what I m doing is not unfair. my review may be unfair if there is mistake. However I was searching in this forum for the truth before to be insulted, and will continue after.

edit sorry for rec ask i missed the last part of your post tiger1996. I will find an alternative.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 30 Jul 2017, 19:44
by justforfun1
Jalis wrote: Last time I was looking for Afrika I wasn't able to find it in the top 1000, on a web site who is already an has been.

Yes sure. (Today current rank)

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 30 Jul 2017, 22:00
by Tiger1996
Yup, that's the current rank today! And it's definitely not the first time to be in the top 100 btw :)


Honestly for me... Bk Mod feels so boring without this add-on, so lucky that we have such a thing for BK! ;)

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 00:14
by Jalis
thanks to me. With the number of time I connected This mods and downloaded it these days.
Be honest and show all. It is due to a sporadic excessive frequentation these day leading to an exceptional rise of +405 in a single day (and probably about the same thing the day before). A well know trick to artificially raise popularity is also to make frequently tiny updates in order to attract players for hit the mod again and download.

back to the subject. I currently made extensive test and it seems to give results. Roughly I made afrika a true standalone, modifying the module file by the way (path modification mostly). Tempory rating and comment applied.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 08:25
by Jalis
After many fruitless attempts, I watched at Panzerblitz link, the coop games from our croatians friends.

You know what ? It is the kind of AI behaivours I have, when AI is not at its worst.

Except I tend to deal a bit more with 17 pdr playing as german, Unit I saw in the video are the same I have in my games.

a bit off topic, we have with this video a carricature of what can be a solo or multicoop game. An infamous bridge map, and players camping behind bridge with 88 and arty. The Sunday slaughter. It can be fun, I admit, but from time to time.

Here we can see, only brits in action, sporadically, and sadly from players point of view. However We can anyway notice, that despite brits are royal artillery inheritor at Afrika, Players about never suffer heavy shelling (Sometime smoke, thanks John Bull, you are too kind). When it happens it is from priests (limited to one/player). Problem is, too often, priests lockdown shortly after map entrance, so on big maps they are often out of range. Brits (4 experts) had built no 25 pdr howitzers. Remember here brits are supposed to be a kind bk royal arty inheritors. (there is a high demand for howitzer in AI file, but AI dont care)
Like for me, there is no m10 and some other things, but it is a bit less important. Roughly there is alot of thing AI dont do.

I will try to be short. jump to minute 63 (01.03.00). After one hour of camping players decide to attack. If I look at what they send, I think it is not the first time they play Afrika, and they know what will happen. The first assault will be destructive, but players force will be crushed at the end.
During the assault you can also notice the usual c15TA transport (in pair most time). Useless units but it is coded like that, at least this AI part is ok.

We can see only 2, perhaps 3 brits engineers (for 4 AI), demand is coded + 1000. Roughly I would say 8 engineers would be on the maps, but it seems not to be like that.

Only three or four HQ trucks survived the first assault ; 1 rank 2, and 2 rank 3

Off topic 01.08.30 to 01.08.53 you can admire the dance of the morrons by a armoured hq truck. It try to setup in an unsuitable area. Of course it cant, we dont know how long, perhaps from the start. In the process it produced nothing of course. It is why I say Brits AI in game is the most unreliable, never play with or against. But for that, Afrika is not responsible, and I know no solution to that except ; avoid brits.

Come back to the subject.

the second players attack will take place 15 minutes later. before that, planes scout former brits base and we can see ; no activity. The 3 surviving simply build units who run to attack players. AI simply dont replace nor repair.

Wake up ; AI have no more basic hq truck here, it is suppose to call and with the new basic hq trucks build rank 2 and 3 hq trucks to replace lost ones.
But it dont at all. And dont say it is intented like that please.

{pbg = SBP.CW.HQ, demand_type = DEMAND_Squad, demand_pref = 5000, demand_decrease = 5000, limit = 1, unit_types = {VEHICLE_HQ}},
{pbg = SBP.CW.ARMOUR_HQ, demand_type = DEMAND_Squad, demand_pref = 5000, demand_decrease = 5000, limit = 1, unit_types = {VEHICLE_HQ}},
{pbg = SBP.CW.INFANTRY_HQ, demand_type = DEMAND_Squad, demand_pref = 5000, demand_decrease = 5000, limit = 1, unit_types = {VEHICLE_HQ}},

It is from Afrika AI. I am not making anything up.

We clearly see AI fail, players launch the last attack after 15 minutes of peace, they kill the last 3 or 4 hq trucks and claims victory.

Roughly it is exactly what I have, on the best days, and sorry I dont call that a fully functional game.

On this video we can see only the emerged part of the iceberg sadly, but it is enough to understand their is a problem. From my experience german AI is broken too.

From a player point of view a broken AI is, in appearence not so different from an average usual one. I think our Croatian Players probaly believe it is normal, and intented, Of course it make things more easy. It seems they dont look for excessive challenge, and I dont blame them. Important is they have fun.

Now Pnazerblitz, a veteran player ; he watched the video and noticed nothing, but we will forgive him, he become old :lol: .
More seriously if he noticed nothing strange, when he very well know the game, how do you want the average player can do better ? Add to that I know the solo / multicoop community is a silent one. it is not like the pvp one who harrass dev every day for the smallest details. Ok it is because pvp boys are perfectionist. ;) I m close to think it is possible most people didnt noticed there is something wrong. PVP first will not be able to notice anything of course.

You can pretend we are now 3, me and the two guy on the video, who idiot and unable to install a mod, but I m not sure it would be a constructive answer.

anyway whatever AI work or not, I will never blame the guy who worked on AI. It is the hardest and more touchy part of the modding work for what I know. I can possibly blame quality insurance. Of course if no one report to the AI dev there is a problem it is legit he considere all is ok.

PS ; edited to correct some misspelling.

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 03 Aug 2017, 20:53
by Jalis
1) cant inastall a mod. I think laugh, or perhaps anger prevented you to read correctly. I never said I was unable to install the mod. I said, After noticing strange behaviour, I desintalled and reinstalled it several time. Really up up unistall COH and start the procedure coh - bk - bk update- the mod. It is simply an over cautious test procedure.
2) fact I have different nick on moddb and bk is and never had been a secret nor itented to be hide. Claim I can also write under other hidden nick like depacem, is simply the kind of calomny which ashamed more his author than the victim.
From a high quality point of view, denying a problem existed to claim the product is flawless, instead to solved it, is probably an easy way, but appear a contradiction of what is required.
Actual rating from me is a this time 9 only in order to let it like it was on july 25th, like it seems you accept and allows only flattery.
I achieved to make to mod runs like intented for solo game, by modifying and correcting several files. Problems were of various nature AI non AI and structural.
Probably the mod deserved a 10 from pvp point of views. It seems to be pvp players point of view, and I have not the experience to rate this part. A part of solo/multicoop players seems to like to game like its, probably because it makes things easiers for them. The two guys on the video seems to be in this category. Last there is guys like me, others who warned you at moddb, or some comments like on Vinnysob video who detected a lack of optimisation for their playstyle (I say it as diplomatically as possible).
I made at least two mistakes ; first one was I forgot to remove my comment and rating at time I had doubt and asked help at bk forum to understand and why not propose a solution in what was wrong in the game. It is probably symptomatic, I unconsciously though moddb was a dead zone nobody care. It is not without reason BK want to move from moddb to steam.
I point I made my first comment on moddb that possibly could be not welcome. At Bk I asked to the community, help, to understand what happenned. It is the first and unvoidable stage to solve the problem.
From a logic and rational point of view, answer to comment would have be posted where the comment was made ; at moddb, and technical comment to solve the problem, or evidence there is no problem, would have been posted at bk forum. I presume answer was wrote at Bk, because, again inconsciously it was know moddb is an almost graveyard where an answer would have been unoticed.

Second mistake I though The mod was intented or suitable for solo and multicoop, when really it is purley, like bk, dedicated to pvp. It explains why I was hard (but fair from my point of view at this time).
Just because mod is for pvp, it makes comment for me inconsistent, since if the mod have been seriously and heavy tested it is for pvp, not for solo.To avoid potential fans disapointement perhasp it can be said in the presentation.
I myself explained it like about like that. The mod is dedicated to pvp and may not be completly optimized for solo and multicoop games.

/joke on I noticed the scatological picture, but I have still no clue who can be the second flies we can see testing the mod with me /joke off

The end

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 00:26
by Sparrow
the creator of the Historical add-on said that v2.3.1-c is not compatible with bkmodv5 so we will have to wait until he release the historical add-on with the steam platform

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 30 Sep 2017, 21:17
by justforfun1
Hi :D New Histo addon V2.4.0. Bk V5 compatible! Enjoy! ... 3-d-day-44

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 01 Oct 2017, 03:01
by ExE
So nice to get this update :D

Keep up the good work justforfun ;)

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 06:22
by Nieles
THis is like said before: a MUST for BK!

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 06:55
by sgtToni95
Thanks justforfun1, keep up the great work :)

Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 09 Oct 2017, 13:13
by justforfun1
Hello guys, i need some new translations for the new comer in Afrika, the K├╝belwagen :)

I need German and Polish translations, if you can help to finish that, thx.


Re: Historical Add-on For Blitzkrieg mod

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 04:29
by Sparrow
justforfun1 wrote:Hi :D New Histo addon V2.4.0. Bk V5 compatible! Enjoy! ... 3-d-day-44

Hell yeah, I was waiting for this my friend JFF1 xD you have my deeper thanks from Cuba. This add-on makes Blitzkrieg more beautiful, just for your knowledge. My friends here in Havana are very happy with BKmodv5, but they will be more when I give then this new version of Historical add on. Once again, Thanks