COH 2 Pantherturm and mortar bunker

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COH 2 Pantherturm and mortar bunker

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So guys,

one more question and i hope somebody could help me.

Sphinx is working on Drachenwald for COH 2 and the map again has Pantherturm and mortar bunker which both not work so i cloned the files from environment and found out both files have no weapon hardpoint. I added hardpoints and weapon to mortar bunker and Pantherturm.

The Pantherturm got a 75mm Pak from the Panther and the heading/origin coordinates from the Panther. In fact the Pantherturm works now fine without a correct rotation means the Pantherturm rotates to left direction and fires to the right direction if enemy attacks from the right.

The mortar bunker got a Grw34_mortar and fires sometimes but not synchronized with the open hatch on the top means it fires a salve but the hatch on the top opens earlier or later. I know BK got both defensive structures in older versions of the Mod but i am not sure if today, too because i don´t play COH 1 long time.

My question however is if anybody can give me the added weapons and heading/origin coordinates from COH 1 or from Bk this might help a lot.

BK Mod Mega Fan

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