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Armor Combat Mod

Posted: 02 Mar 2018, 19:28
by kwok
Hi all,

Just for fun and because it sounds like people would like to try, I am making an armor specific mod that focuses only on tank combat. That being said, I'd like stats on your favorite tanks. There are a bunch of them thrown around on this forum, but to collect them all in one place for me to look as a reference point when deciding attribute values would be nice. I'll start with realism values then tweak based on how I think gameplay would be most fun.

I see this mod as both a testing ground for concepts as well as just a fun mini-game to CoH.

First question: which single axis/allies tank would you like to see on a head to head combat?
Second question: of those two tanks, how will their armor vs weapon penetration values compare if they faced each other? I mean this as in all scenarios of axis vs allies, axis vs axis, allies vs allies. I realize there won't be many historical examples of axis vs axis or allies vs allies, but i'm sure some testers and mathematicians can help out in this regard.

Hope this is fun for all of us and brings out the fanboys.

Re: Armor Combat Mod

Posted: 02 Mar 2018, 19:43
by Tiger1996
This mini-game armor mod would be based on Blitzkrieg as a testing ground? Or you mean CoH2 or what?

Re: Armor Combat Mod

Posted: 02 Mar 2018, 20:38
by kwok
It will be in CoH2 since that has a lot of new mechanics worth including, easier to mod, and it has a larger potential community for growth. But, if it certain game aspects I add are fun (like some ideas i throw around for speed adjustments, true hull down mechanics, vehicle morale, etc) then it might generate support to be incorporated into BK as added features.

Re: Armor Combat Mod

Posted: 08 Mar 2018, 10:12
by Redgaarden
That being said, I'd like stats on your favorite tanks.

Easy Eight in Coh 2 is my favourite tank. It has about 50% chance to pen Panther and max range, and almost 100% chance at close range, it can't bounce rear shots, even on KT.

But my favourite part of the tank is the smoke lanchers and how effective they are.

It has alot of hitpoints and since damage isn't random it takes 5 shots usully to kill the tank. and it require 7-8 shots to kill panther.

I like how it's set in CoH2 where The sherman is equal to the panther close range, and 2 shermans are supperior to a king tiger at close range.

The sherman cost 480 Manpower and 150 fuel compared to King tiger 720 Manpower 230 Fuel