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by nashorn251
06 Jun 2016, 23:11
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: WH tank commanders
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Re: WH tank commanders

So is there any reason why I must pay so much fuel for the tank commander?
by nashorn251
17 May 2016, 16:17
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: axis units vs allies units
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Re: axis units vs allies units

Creating a new version of KCH was not intended. If they are really such a problem with the defensive upgrade we can tune them down begin with, the defensive upgrade could apply only when they don't move...because, you know...using defensive bonuses while in offense is kinda off - Reg5 ...
by nashorn251
11 Apr 2016, 22:19
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: def doc tech tree
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def doc tech tree

Hi everyone, is it possible to replace "Fortify the perimeter" on wh def doctrine with something more useful (for example air recon like the RA doctrine or some infantry or weapon discount)? Because i think that it happens very rarely (almost only in autry were there aren't any qg defenses...
by nashorn251
15 Dec 2015, 21:21
Forum: Matchmaking & Strategies
Topic: german strategy
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german strategy

Hello everyone!
Do you have any suggestions on a strategy to beat a team of three players using the three British doctrine (which doctrines my team should use, general advice for the various units/emplacements/tactics )?