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by Frehelias
31 Dec 2014, 23:30
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Company Of Heroes 2 Sales
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Re: Company Of Heroes 2 Sales

CoH 2 is again on sale today and tomorrow.
It ends in about 43 hours the sale.
by Frehelias
16 Dec 2014, 22:51
Forum: Forum Stuff
Topic: The Old Forum (People still using it)
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Re: The Old Forum (People still using it)

I regularly check the old forums.
Not to many people posting new stuff there.
by Frehelias
07 Dec 2014, 21:09
Forum: Forum Stuff
Topic: forum suggestions
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Re: forum suggestions

You know you were banned on the old forum.
So watch you moves here!

Oh and this has already been posted about the avatar size.
And we got a section for forum suggestions.
by Frehelias
06 Dec 2014, 14:23
Forum: Other mods
Topic: 634 mappack please download!!
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Re: 634 mappack please download!!

Wrong section.

Moved to Other mods.
by Frehelias
02 Dec 2014, 21:55
Forum: Forum Stuff
Topic: Minor issue
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Re: Minor issue

Closed then.
by Frehelias
30 Nov 2014, 14:44
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: On "realistic weapon values" idea
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Re: On "realistic weapon values" idea

Thrawn wrote:Hello,
Thrawn, or the guy who was forgotten with an access to the beta lounge

You still have access to the beta lounge on the "old" forum.

If you don't throw me a PM here.

I fixed beta access for you here as well.