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by Sinekyre
14 Jan 2019, 17:53
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: Poor Doctrine Design - Luft
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Re: Poor Doctrine Design - Luft

I think Luftwaffe is one of the weakest doctrines, defense being the weakest. I play BK mod every day but don't post here a lot. Everything Luftwaffe can do, other doctrines can do better. It is also incredibly limited in terms of alternatives. Not as bad as defense, but if you know your shit, you'd...
by Sinekyre
14 Jan 2019, 17:17
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: Doctrine Rework Survey
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Re: Doctrine Rework Survey

BK MODS PLEASE READ: I've been playing for many years but registered an account for this topic. I love BK mod and consider it one of the best RTS games ever made. My background is as a semi-pro RTS player of 20+ years. I was among the top-10 solo players in Europe in Starcraft and WC3, and though t...

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