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by omfgitsrhod
31 Jul 2017, 17:24
Forum: Announcements
Topic: 4.9.9 Patch Preview
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Re: 4.9.9 Patch Preview

I almost forgot. Flakpanzer gepard skin in WM defense doctrine still has that purple discrepancy. And lastly, i forgot the name but a specific engineer squad in CW, when static (standing still) drops their rifles and raises their arms sideways (can be seen when zoomed in) Please follow up. Hope this...
by omfgitsrhod
29 Jun 2017, 16:29
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: Substitute units
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Substitute units

Can we make the AI use either the default or the substitute units randomly? If not randomly, is there a chance for it to be possible? :D
by omfgitsrhod
24 Jun 2017, 06:29
Forum: Balancing & Suggestions
Topic: Suggestions for AI behavior
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Re: Suggestions for AI behavior

Hello Markr & Panzerblitz1!!!

One of the best mods ever been made in Company of Heroes! But can you guys also make the AI use either the reward units or the default ones randomly? I guess that would be a great feature as well! Thanks!

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