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by Zman111
28 Jul 2017, 15:29
Forum: Matchmaking & Strategies
Topic: Good example of Armor doc
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Re: Good example of Armor doc

You seem to forget that actual american armor doctrine saw Shermans as disposable answers to every problem the German army could throw at them. Tiger killing everything? lol send 5 ish 76s at it and wait. Infantry dug into a town? load those shermans up with HE ammunition and watch the fireworks. Th...
by Zman111
09 Jul 2016, 14:34
Forum: Player Introductions
Topic: Orkimedes, UTC - 5:00 AI
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Orkimedes, UTC - 5:00 AI

My Steam Name is Orkimedes, you may also find me under Zman1394, Come and track me down if you're in the mood to stomp some computer arse or deal with me figuring out how to fight real people for the first time(s)
by Zman111
08 Jul 2016, 21:03
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Topic: American Armor Help Please
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American Armor Help Please

As the namesake says I'm Hugely intrested in the american armor doctrine however im looking to break into online multiplayer with it and im struggling to figure out how to best survive the early game to bring my ultra cheap tank advantage into play. even the hard AI (the one i usually play against) ...